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About Us

The Siren's Song was founded in 2011 by blogger Blazerwhore aka me aka Nicola. Tired of forever justifying my blogging alias and warding off accusations of being a lady of the night, I fully embraced the title 'Siren'.

The TSS collection will be a blend of items seen on blazerwhore and other hand picked goods from a range of vintage boutiques.

Each item I select is via a process I have dubbed 'the siren's song' [hence the name]. Those of you familiar with greek mythology will already know that the siren are creatures which lured men through their beautiful yet haunting song. It is exactly in this same way that I have been lured into making many a purchase. BUT rest assured, it is a deep process filled with careful consideration: I DO NOT BUY until I hear the siren's song; that persistent call that means you just HAVE to have it and here at TSS, we urge that you do the same. However, when you do hear the song, resistance will be futile...

One thing we ask that you remember is that each piece is unique and unlikely to reappear, so if you hear the call, do not hesitate to purchase lest the item is snatched from your grasp.

Love, Peace and Siren's songs